2021 Super Cash Bonanza

The Ohio State Council – Knights of Columbus has a state wide program that helps our council generate the funds for our charity efforts.  The program is called, “SUPER CASH BONANZA CHARITY CAMPAIGN”, as we will be Shooting for A Million Dollars in Sales for Charity! 

Locally, in the past years we raised:

  •                                                       2017                2018                2019                2020
  • Sara Dorn Wheelchair fund          $600                $600                $123.46           $344.10
  • Honor Flight Columbus                 $300                $200                $250                $250
  • Kairos of Ohio Madison chapter   $200                $200                $250                $250
  • Boy Scouts Troup 634                  $100                $200                $250                $250
  • Resurrection Life                                                                          $250                $250
  •                                                       $1200              $1200              $1123.46         $1344.10

Tickets will be available at the council meeting on March 4 for pickup. Remaining ticket envelops will be mailed on Friday, March 5, Enclosed are seven (7) “SUPER CASH BONANZA CHARITY” tickets and a return envelope. The tickets are $5.00 each (5 for $20, if sold to an individual or family or as a packet). 

There are two phases to this Charity ticket campaign. We would like your help by either buying or selling the enclosed tickets.  The first phase of the ticket campaign ends Thursday, April 15, 2021 (return date on envelop is April 8 which allows us to meet the April 15 deadline) and the final turn-in will end on Friday, May 8, 2021.  Drawing will be Saturday, May 22, 2021.  Our council quota is 4 tickets per member.  The profit increases with each additional ticket sold and is heavily weighted towards the first turn-in so please try to return them prior to the first turn-in date, if possible.                      

Make checks out to:  K of C Marysville Council 5534

Buy 5, sell more… this year we have included 2 extra tickets, if you need more tickets to sell, please call (or email) and I will make sure you get the additional tickets.  If you need your sold tickets picked up, call (or email or text) or drop off to one of the ushers at the weekend Masses (most of the ushers are brother knights and they can pass on to me).