Knight and Family of the Month

MonthFamily of the MonthKnight of the Month
2022 OctoberJohn and Wendy MangasJohn Schwendenman
2022 SeptemberBrad and Brittney KitzlerBrad Kitzler
2022 AugustBrad and Denise BennettDeacon Charles Knight
2022 JulyGreg and Angelina GertenDale Proshek
2022 JuneMike and Anne DanielJosé Banaag
2022 MayRandy and Chris RalstonJoe Wagner
2022 AprilMarty and Ann LogsdonDerric Brown
2022 MarchMark and Pam MeyerRandy Ralston and Dale Proshek
2022 FebruaryKen and Penny YunkerJohn Mangas
2022 JanuaryScott and Michelle CarterTom Bardin
2021 DecemberJohn and Lisa MelishJohn Warnement
2021 NovemberSterin Joseph and Sugitha LawrenceMike Myers
2021 OctoberAlvin and Gina BeikmanDennis Neidert
2021 SeptemberTim and Megan CordonnierDanielraj Arulnathan
2021 AugustMarty and Ann LogsdonJohn Schwendenman
2021 JulyBrad and Denise BennettDeacon Dave Bezusko
2021 JuneJohn and Wendy MangasJoe Wagner
2021 MayGreg and Angelina GertenTim Cordonnier
2021 AprilDale and Cindy ProshekDeacon Charles Knight
2021 MarchKen and Penny YunkerLarry Geraghty
2021 FebruaryMarty and Ann LogsdonJosé Banaag
2021 JanuarySteph and Shirley FranceJohn Melish
2020 DecemberJohn and Lisa MelishScott Carter
2020 NovemberChris and Jen MartinBrad Kitzler
2020 OctoberAdam and Ana UpahMike Myers
2020 SeptemberRick and Jenny DeSutterChris Martin
2020 AugustDale and Cindy ProshekLarry Geraghty
2020 JulyMarty and Ann LogsdonMike Myers
2020 JuneMike and Andrea SchmidtDavid Schlemmer
2020 MayDeacon Dave and Carrie BezuskoFr. Kevin Kavanagh
2020 AprilAlvin and Gina BeikmanJohn Melish
2020 MarchMike and Robin MyersDeacon Dave Bezusko
2020 FebruaryTim and Megan CordonnierDale Proshek
2020 JanuaryMike and Anne DanielScott Carter
2019 DecemberSterin Joseph and Sugitha LawrenceMark Meyer
2019 NovemberBill and Christine HuffmanJohn Melish
2019 OctoberBrad and Carrie BlumbergJohn Huffman
2019 SeptemberChris and Jen MartinJoe Wagner
2019 AugustMarty and Ann LogsdonJim Elchert
2019 JulyKen and Penny YunkerBrad Blumberg
2019 JuneScott and Michelle CarterJohn Warnement
2019 MayJohn and Lisa MelishRay Reser
2019 AprilMark and Pam MeyerDave Schlemmer
2019 MarchBrad and Denise BennettJoe Parmenter
2019 FebruaryAlvin and Gina BeikmanJohn Mangas
2019 JanuaryEric and Mel MoserKevin Weller
2018 DecemberDuane and Barb LordMark Meyer
2018 NovemberSterin Joseph and Sugitha LawrenceFred LaFrance
2018 OctoberDeacon Dave and Carrie BezuskoMarty Logsdon
2018 SeptemberRay and Lisa ReserJosé Banaag
2018 AugustBrad and Carrie BlumbergJoe Wagner
2018 JulyKen and Penny YunkerJohn Melish
2018 JuneJoe and Alfrede ParmenterBill Huffman
2018 MayTim and Megan CordonnierLarry Geraghty
2018 AprilAugie and Mel GunawanKevin Weller
2018 MarchBrad and Denise BennettRandy Ralston
2018 FebruaryMike and Anne DanielDale Proshek
2018 JanuaryScott and Michelle CarterJim Elchert
2017 DecemberMark and Pam MeyerDave Schlemmer
2017 NovemberDeacon Dave and Carrie BezuskoTom Bardin
2017 OctoberChad and Laura GreveJohn Mangas
2017 SeptemberDuane and Barb LordJoe Wagner
2017 AugustMarty and Ann LogsdonFr. Kevin Kavanagh
2017 JulyJohn and Lisa MelishTom Knoble
2017 JuneChris and Jen MartinJohn Schwendenman
2017 MayJoe and Alfrede ParmenterJohn Warnement
2017 AprilBob and Alison BoggsDave Bezusko
2017 MarchBill and Christine HuffmanJosh Zoppa
2017 FebruaryBrad and Carrie BlumbergRandy Ralston
2017 JanuaryJim/Becky and Scott/MichelleJohn Melish
2016 DecemberMark and Kellie McGinleyAlvin Beikman
2016 NovemberMark and Pam MeyerFred LaFrance
2016 OctoberRandy and Kris RalstonDave Schlemmer
2016 SeptemberCharles and Jo KnightGordon Kunkler
2016 AugustDuane and Barb LordJosé Banaag
2016 JulyJohn and Lisa MelishRon Compton
2016 JuneJustin and Heather CaltriderMarty Logsdon
2016 MayBrad and Carrie BlumbergScott Carter
2016 AprilBob and Alison BoggsJoe Wagner
2016 MarchChad and Laura GreveKen Yunker
2016 FebruaryJim and Becky ElchertRandy Ralston
2016 JanuaryScott and Michelle CarterMark Meyer
2015 DecemberBarry and Susan CordellJosé Banaag
2015 NovemberBrad and Carrie BlumbergDrew Stringfellow
2015 OctoberBob and Alison BoggsJohn Melish
2015 SeptemberJoe and Elfrede ParmenterGeorge Finn
2015 AugustKen and Penny YunkerTom Knoble
2015 JulyJohn and Linda SchwendenmanRandy Ralston
2015 JuneJon and Jill TurnerTerry Dorn
2015 MayJoe and Alicia WeingatesTom Soller
2015 AprilMarty and Ann LogsdonTed Marquis
2015 MarchRandy and Kris RalstonAl Beikman
2015 FebruaryScott and Michelle CarterKen Yunker
2015 JanuaryPhil and Tess LashleyDave Schlemmer
2014 DecemberMark and Pam MeyerTom Soller
2014 NovemberJerome and Andrea HawleyFred LaFrance
2014 OctoberDuane and Barb LordJoe Wagner
2014 SeptemberBrad and Carrie BlumbergJim Elchert
2014 AugustJohn and Lisa MelishChris Martin
2014 JulyDerric and Dee BrownRandy Ralston
2014 JuneTy and Carrie CookJosé Banaag
2014 MayKen and Penny YunkerJohn Huffman
2014 AprilBob and Alison BoggsLarry Geraghty
2014 MarchBill and Christine HuffmanMark Meyer
2014 FebruaryRon and Gwen ComptonJohn Warnement
2014 JanuaryJim and Becky ElchertRich Cencula
2013 DecemberScott and Michelle CarterBrad Blumberg
2013 NovemberBarry and Susan CordellCharles Knight
2013 OctoberDerric and Dee BrownJoe Wagner
2013 SeptemberDuane and Barb LordJohn Melish
2013 AugustCharles and Jo KnightBob Soller
2013 JulyKen and Penny YunkerJoe Parmenter
2013 JuneBrad and Carrie BlumbergN/A
2013 MayTerry and Debbie DornN/A
2013 AprilJohn and Janice HuffmanN/A
2013 MarchChris and Jen MartinN/A
2013 FebruaryMike and Anne DanielN/A
2013 JanuaryFred and Elaine LaFranceN/A
2012 DecemberScott and Michelle CarterN/A
2012 NovemberJim and Becky ElchertN/A
2012 OctoberJohn and Lisa MelishN/A
2012 SeptemberRandy and Kris RalstonN/A
2012 AugustBob and Alison BoggsN/A
2012 JulyMark and Pam MeyerN/A